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A connection with Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital

Words By MYF Team


May 23, 2021

As the MYF continues to pursue innovation and progress within the realm of mental health and excellence, we’ve come realize the significance of sound research and proper diligence. That is why we are so pleased to announce a connection with The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. CAMH has a vast catalogue of verified, research-informed resources. CAMH is Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital and one of the world’s leading research centres in its field. The organization conducts groundbreaking research, provides expert training to health care professionals and scientists, develops innovative health promotion and prevention strategies, and advocates on public policy issues at all levels of government. Our hope is to support our teams and collaborators with access to the vast knowledge base that an entity such as CAMH can provide.

We at the MYF would like to sincerely thank CAMH for their support and commitment over the past year. We are so very excited about the future.

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A connection with Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital

By MYF Team

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