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Accepting applications for the 2020 DMY Award for Innovation in Workplace Wellness. Apply Here


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A Commitment to Insight, Transparency and Collaboration

A connection with Canada’s largest mental health teaching hospital

By MYF Team

The Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine invites applications for the inaugural Dr. Masaru Yukawa Award

On January 5th, 2021 – the University Hospital in Edmonton will officially announce the Dr. Mas Yukawa Award for Innovation in Workplace Wellness.

By MYF Team

A Story of Friendship and Career: An Interview with Dr. Surita Sidhu

“There are those special people you meet along the way who you feel a real kinship with because for you both, the job really is a calling. You recognize kindred spirits when you’re working so closely together.”

By Michael Small

Refining our purpose through a focused commitment to storytelling

To create the necessary building blocks for these stories, the MYF has spent the better part of 2020 collaborating with an amazing group of individuals from the varied realms of design, illustration, writing and production.

By MYF Team