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About Us


Mas was a friend, son & brother. A doctor, athlete & mentor. A jokester, high achiever & deeply emotional person. He was a man of great ability and accomplishment who shined brightest when surrounded by friends and family, but could feel isolated at times.


He was a complex person, and we miss every part of him. Our mission is to support those chasing excellence — the Mas’s of the world — through every stage of their journey, but especially during times of need. We aspire to build a new family, a collective of like-minded individuals united to create positive change through thoughtful discussion and bold execution. And to be a support system for high achievers when they face challenges with their mental health. Mas left us feeling like he was alone. Our goal is to make sure no one ever has to feel that way again.

The purpose at the Mas Yukawa Foundation is simple — to celebrate and promote the things Mas truly believed in: love, respect & friendship. We want to examine those ideals & find ways to apply them to the concept of success. What if extraordinary achievement didn’t come at an extraordinary cost but instead was the result of support & celebration? What if on every step of the journey we could provide individuals the help they needed in whatever capacity?

Join us on this journey. Let’s ask the right questions. Nurture the ambitious spirit. And come together to support greatness and those with the courage to pursue it.

The Journey

The goal of our foundation is to examine the journey of Mas, the journey of someone who wants to do great things from young to old. We want to be there to support them mentally at every key step – to nurture their ambition and fortify their spirit.





Board of Directors

Meet the people carrying on Mas’s legacy.

Tak Yukawa

In the face of great ambition, so much is at stake

Tak and Mas were very close. Mas was only one year older in age allowing the two to share many experiences together at every stage in life. They played together on the same sports teams; went to the same schools; and shared the same friends. Despite sharing so much, both were able to carve their own unique paths in life. The passing of Mas has completely reframed Tak’s concept of achievement and unearthed a new set of factors to consider and revere when confronting his own steep ambitions in life.

Tak has spent the past 20 years working in the creative industry, crafting brand positioning strategies and telling engaging stories for clients. These developed skillsets will now be put to the test in a new and exciting realm.

Claude Dery

Look beneath the surface as to how others are feeling.

Claude met Mas in Grade 8 science class and the two became fast friends, bonding over sports and music. Mas even inspired him to get his degree. Claude was in the hospitality industry for the majority of his career and brings a business background to the foundation. In his free time, he plays sports, acts as the handyman around the house and takes on real estate projects.

Matt Moreau

Nothing is guaranteed. Every day we must be thankful for the friendships, opportunities and gifts we have.

Matt and Mas met on a medical mission to Ecuador, and kept up their friendship through dinners, trips, nights out and more. He’s the co-founder of The Earth Group, a social enterprise that exists to feed and educate children across the globe. He believes that those in favorable circumstances should step in to help the ones struggling, and that everyone deserves the opportunity to access their full potential.

Kelly Uyeno

Let’s take what we’ve learned from Mas and keep his legacy going.

As cousins, Kelly and Mas had a special relationship. He knew Mas for his entire life, and was witness to the many successes he experienced on his journey, from a joy-filled kid to a respected professional who wanted to help people however he could. After a 35-year career spanning many fields, Kelly is currently an executive healthcare administrator whose passion is improving the current healthcare system.

Surita Sidhu

This is a pervasive issue, and it is critical that it be addressed.

When Mas first met Surita, he thought she was just another medical student — in fact, she was an attending staff, something he was quite embarrassed to find out. The two went on to work together, becoming close friends who bonded over a love of travel and humanitarian efforts. As a cardiac anesthesiologist, the same title as Mas, she has a unique perspective into the challenges he faced.

Jason Apple

It’s important that we dig deeper into our conversations and cues that, in hindsight, were indications that everything may not be "perfect."

Jason and Mas met in junior high, where they shared a love of sports, hip hop and family. The two remained close into adulthood, often catching up and sharing the best version of themselves while brushing off real life struggles, something he wishes the two had talked about more. A seasoned vet in the non-profit space, he hopes his business and brand development background can help the foundation support high achievers in the workplace.