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2023 Award Update

Words By MYF Team


December 13, 2022

The Mas Yukawa Foundation is honoured to announce Mr. Andrew Pinfold, Dr. Alison Harris and Dr. Eric Yoshida as this year’s recipients of the Dr. Masaru Yukawa Award for Innovation in Workplace Wellness. They’ve created a unified application representing a joint partnership between the Vancouver Medical Dental and Allied Staff Association (VMDAS) and the Vancouver Physician Staff Association (VPSA). Their proposal (Addressing Wellness and the Working-Learning Environment of Physicians/Surgeons-in-Training at the Vancouver General Hospital) seeks to establish yearly awards that would include recognition for skills such as “advocacy”, “professionalism” and “collegiality” rather than purely academic achievement. The long term goal is to encourage the recipient residents to continue to provide high-level service throughout their careers, to inspire their resident colleagues to do likewise but importantly to create a sense of appreciation for excellent resident clinical service amongst the staff physicians/surgeons as well as hospital administration.

Our award committee felt that their thoughts and perspectives not only honoured our hope for ideation and purpose, but found a way to remain centred on the fundamentals of mental resilience within our front line healthcare spaces.

Plans for an intimate ceremony to celebrate the success of our winners are underway for 2023. To stay up-to-date on any award details or video from the ceremony, please continue to visit us here on our website or LinkedIn. 

We would like to take this time to thank all of the individuals and groups who took the time to submit applications despite the difficult challenges currently facing our healthcare spaces. We are very excited for next year’s award and are making plans for the upcoming competition. Please visit our website  or email us at awards@masyukawafoundation.com to stay informed.

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